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Author Topic: Best sheeptagger in history - a TRIAL with Evidence!  (Read 199 times)


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Best sheeptagger in history - a TRIAL with Evidence!
« on: July 30, 2013, 02:03:03 pm »
Let's continue the epic debate. this is my attempt to end the discussion once and for all, there will be no more arguments, no more mystery; only knowledge. we're gonna examine the evidence, go over the circumstances surrounding the evidence, and then conclude.

I've had these images for years now, serving 3 purposes: 1) collecting dust on my HDD, 2) giving me smiles, and 3) being ready to knock out anyone attempting to rewrite history. it's time to put a checkmark on 3) now.

!!!!! The Evidence !!!!!:

!!!! The Circumstances !!!!:

1) There are alot more printscreens following the same rankings. I tried to limit the evidence to big/famous names, names that current players can largely relate to. Most of the older players quit ages ago, and many of you have never heard of them.

2) All the printscreens were taken during periods of large ST activity. These are not propaganda attempts years after the fact.

3) Most of these printscreens were taken when I, chiefhero, had little influence or non-skill related respect. I was considered low intelligence, I wasn't chieftain of any clans, I had no power. This is important to understand because all my competetiton (sidey, drew, shoop, chaise, cow etc.) were clan-leaders, had alot of fans/followers, had much influence and power on their realms, and so on.

4) Most of these printscreens were taken when I, chiefhero, had 0 involvement in ST politics. I didn't try to gain votes through friendships/threats, I wasn't fighting for terretory or members in my clan; I simply played and enjoyed the game. In contrast, all my competetion was heavily involved in ST politics, all of them were respected for non-skill related attributes (intelligence, education/knowledge, charisma, power), and the list goes on.

5) The community was rather young at the time(somewhat naive as a whole) - non-skill related attributes and friendships DID have an effect on how the players ranked eachother.

6) Important point! These rankings, and players evaluation on eachother, were not based on 1 tourney performance, 1 st video, or a few weeks of gameplay. Everyone had seen me/my competition play for years, in runtag games, in tourneys, in delay, in our own host, with various allies/opponents, and so on.

!!!!The Conclusion!!!!:

The general consensus has always been that I'm the greatest. People sometimes rank themselves above me. a few Easties had a tendency to rank drew above/right below me. a few Euros had a tendency to rank sidey above/right below me. But even when we isolate the realms, the consensus on Euro was amir or sidey(amir or drew in a few cases), the consensus on east was amir or drew. The fact that euro and east differ on their evaluation of drew and sidey is well explained by point 3, 4 and 5 under the circumstances. Nothing explains why both realms had me as the best/second best other than my performance ingame. When we don't isolate the realms and look purely at overall community consensus, there is no question that people ranked me on top.

So, the ST rankings through history (based on consensus, observations and testemony - not necesserely my personal ranks) is:

1) Amir
2) Drew
3) Sidey
4) Shoop
5) Cow

I know that consensus doesn't always represent reality. There is alot more evidence to be covered to support my conclusion. We'll save that for later. Atleast we can finally agree on who the community - as a whole - always though was the best ST player (a few exceptions is natural). I, CHIEFHERO, am the greatest of all time until further examination has been done.

Does anyone have evidence, arguments or reasons to believe my conclusion is wrong? I'll go over win-record, tourney performances, old vs new players and so on if the current case i've put up is found to be flawed or insufficient.
"Sometimes Amir takes a deep breath and closes his eyes when he dota. That is when **** is getting real. He no longer plays dota, he feels dota, he IS dota." - Enstek

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I read everything and i dont agree/disagree with any of it , but i just want to point out that if you compare me and u , I became pro in 2009 and i had a little time to prove im really ranked nr 1 where as u can get mass 'evidence' from 2006/2007/2008 etc. This is why its kind of unfair looking from my point of view and many other notable players who started in 2009/2010 etc.
Anyway good thread, i'll leave it to people who were around in 2006/2007 to prove you wrong/right.


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I can tell there were many good laughs from the past and practically the majority of the posts consisted in the point of relating to u being the best masser in euro which i disagree with, maybe u have been better than sid, u just aint as good in my opinion.
Surprisingly ur post has also benefited me as where peoples mention the top 5 ranks of both east and euro and Night didnt believe it was displayed anywhere, i hope u feel silly now Night ^^.
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Indeed. Amir got some nice material. I really like your prooves. They involve the years 2007 untill 2012. 

to Night - the thread is named best Sheeptagger in history, so every year has an important role to the answer.

People who I would nominate/mention for sure are:

Exalius, Amir, Chaise, Shoop, Drew, Traxx, Cmk, Sidey.

It is really hard to rank the best of ever. Everyone is good in their aspect like..
Exa at teamwork, Shoop at wolfing. Whatever.

But I have to say.. Exalius has always been my favourite Sheeptagger. He always takes care to his allies. He helps, risks and gives all he got to let them survive. He actually plays smart and is no egoist ( e.g. golding ).

I STILL rank CandyManKiller #1 because he is overall the best. He is dominating Sheep Tag for over 3 years now and he is still the best. If you are with him you will survive longer. Even if his teamwork is not as good as Exalius'  he is the guy I would ALWAYS take as first. You can always count on him.
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trollpro stop making a fool out of yourself. almost every screenshot/post dates back to 2007/2008/2009 etc, only one of them is from 2012 and if i recall im in  the list?. I didnt play sheep tag back in 2007 and i started st in 2008 so ofc i wasn't rated back then.

Point is if you think the best player must be the one who played since 2005 then ofc i can't compete, but this is the same as saying that messi can't be nominated for best player of all time because he didn't play when maradona did. KNOCK OUT.

But yeah its time to stop focusing on me and focus on the player u actually nominate to be the best. I never asked for you to vote me, i just stated my own opinion.

P.S trollpro stop posting , ur really embarrasing yourself infront of everyone. I'm not answering any more of your posts because they prove no value or quality whatsoever.
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in my mind, there are only 2 periods in ST worth talking about; 2006 era, and 2012 era (with fresh blood like traxx, grim, night, exa, as well as old legends coming back after years of inactivity). I've posted consensus from both of these periods from the biggest names.

a few exceptions here and there is fully expected. a few people might think cmk is the best, a few might put sidey, a few might put trollpro. We have to look at the overall pattern in the community to exclude bias, friendships and lack of insight to the best of our ability. this is also the reason i posted my screenshots of chaise, shoop, drew, cow etc, because they're allegedly "intelligent" and "unbiased" in their evaluation, atleast moreso than most other players. i have a billion printscreens of toilets going "AMIR IS BEST!", but as i already said, i tried to limit the evidence to big names whos opinion is generally respected. ANYONE can get a few toilets screaming "Yee ur best :)", what really makes a statement is having all top players saying you're the best.

we also have to look at the period where everyone played. cmk is naturally going to have more support when everyone else quit 1.5-2 years ago. Cmk isn't much better today than he was in 2012 however, and I dont remember cmk being ranked or picked before me or other big names when we all played together in 2012. Cmk was considered t1, but i think me/chaise/exa were the most frequent first picks in st games, followed by cmk grim traxx night etc.

Keep in mind that i've only discussed community consensus so far (who the community thinks is best). I have not analyzed actual gameplay, win record or other historical events. but one of the sentral points in my original post is precisely that the community HAS seen everyone play for years when they made rankings. I'll quote:

Quote from: Chiefhero[sks
]6) Important point! These rankings, and players evaluation on eachother, were not based on 1 tourney performance, 1 st video, or a few weeks of gameplay. Everyone had seen me/my competition play for years, in runtag games, in tourneys, in delay, in our own host, with various allies/opponents, and so on.

the whole point behind the printscreens is that, while its extremely hard for us to evaluate gameplay today (amir vs drew for instance, we'd have to look at 1000 replays to get a sufficient understanding of their skill), we can extrapolate this data from the community consensus. if everyone said that i was the best, its VERY likely that they weren't mistaken - much less when you account for the odds that were against me(and FOR my competition), as i pointed out in point 3), 4) and 5) in my first post.

btw, free picture of trollpro:

as i said, anyone can get toilets to scream ''ur best'', because toilets aren't objective or unbiased. make chaise or drew say that you're the best (joking excluded ofc) and we'll take you serious. if there are people today who claim cmk is best player in history (or anyone else is best), chances are that i have a printscreen somewhere of the same player calling me the best a few years back.

Now. Is anyone going to destroy me, or can we accept "chiefhero is the greatest of all time" as the most reasonable conclusion given the evidence at hand? Ahooyyy ^^
"Sometimes Amir takes a deep breath and closes his eyes when he dota. That is when **** is getting real. He no longer plays dota, he feels dota, he IS dota." - Enstek


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I think people forgot about me in their list.
Was it because every1 already knows im the true number one and you are all fighting over the number #2 spot ye?
It's sort of like I am God, nobody includes God in their list either.
Like dude that killed most people was Hitler #1, but God killed everyone :D


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I find it hillarious that as soon as i got something on Night he attacks me like a wild animal and claims im making a fool out of myself, seriously, who dosen't find that ironic??


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