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Clan CsB vs ANY team
« on: October 29, 2013, 10:55:13 pm »
Clan CsB wants to keep the good activity we have right now, so we are proud to challenge ANY team that dears to show up in front of the CLAN CSB!
Last clan war was EASY due to Shoop leaving his team to death and Koala not showing up. And since beside Clan SoR there is no other clan that have more than 2 active players, I am not asking a Clan war, but CsB team against any team (note that players inside the team have to be ACTIVE players)

- 5v5 teams with one streamer in game
- Best of 3 versus
- Sheep team gets to choose color and host
- No smurfs allowed
- If one player disconnects after 1 min the round has started or if there is already one death, the team will have to play with one player less until the versus ends. (And saves keep allowed)
- One pause allowed per round, per team.

We set up date once a team shows up.
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