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Moving Forward
« on: November 24, 2013, 12:26:08 am »
First of all, I think the following behavior is absolutely disgusting:

[14:06:54.948] <praecursator> Why'd you join CsB, brah?
 [14:07:01.545] <Tollison> access to their host bot
 [14:07:08.538] <Tollison> in hopes to stop making me banned

At last someone stands up for you against CsB and your response is to crawl back like a church-rat begging for bread? What the ****?

If you want things to change you need do your part as well. I'm not the one that gets kicked/banned from games/channel - up until the point where I criticized CsB (lol).

Currently CsB permanently bans anyone that criticizes them both from their channel and their games. My main account is banned as well as a list of akas where I've casually started flaming some of their shamans. The same is true for various other members of this forum. If you want that to EVER change you might want to think about the consequences of your actions past two minutes into the immediate future. 

I suggest, as has been mentioned by other posters in the past, that we try to create an abuse-manifesto and get everyone to follow it. That requires all of us to participate. 


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