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Re: New Meat on SC2
« on: July 17, 2018, 07:07:48 pm »
hi there - what's the name of this sc2 sheep tag map? I found a couple st maps but no one joined when i hosted. Thanks

As a break from ladder, I decided to play some arcade on SC2.

I just played a game of some dumb RoTS style game on SC2...

And I gotta tell you, after the initial "dude wtf. Why can sheeps do that?", it was actually pretty fun. And I played with multiple folks that could mass relatively quickly, run tag relatively well, and even juke for saves. I was quite impressed.

If you want a break from what you're playing now, try making or searching for a game of Sheep Tag in SC2.

If you didn't know, buying SC2 for arcade (custom games) is free.

Another "if you didn't know": the mechanics are, as far as I can tell, entirely identical to W3 ST. Whoever is making the SC2 maps knows what they're doing.


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