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Author Topic: Sheep Tag (East) A Complete History  (Read 971 times)


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Re: Sheep Tag (East) A Complete History
« Reply #15 on: January 03, 2023, 02:14:02 pm »
First @IAMMyOWNSTONE (Is this SwedishChef.LC? Because you're nobody under that name, and did the usual good value post mate).
Not that Drew will ever read this, due to this forum being dead I have corrected things he saw differently, or was too new to USEast, or had taken a break during the times he stated.

Chapter 2 -- East.
I did not travel to the east server at this stage. Had heard about these players through others like YDoc and Raptos. Never saw Alex, but for some reason when I first showed up, people were claiming I was "Alex" on a smurf, whoever the hell that guy was.

Chapter 4 -- East -- Late 2003(I remember I was 15 years old at this stage)
I came to East, the first Westy to come at this point. At first I was just trying to play with you guys, maybe start a clan over there. I was fresh from leading Genosis Capital, regarded as the Clan Love/Rebel of USWest ROC in European terms, in East terms Maybe the Donkey Crew(which contained a Euro in it?). Clan HCS was actually hugely popular in terms of people in the channel. Not as popular as maybe clan Lc/Jedi/cAa/Behh/StH in their days, but pretty popular. When I arrived I was extremely surprised to see Diamonding, Grid, Run ST, Line Tag all not established in USEast (As per the contrary information that Drew had outlined by Chapter 4, all kids in USEast knew diamonding for example, not the case, not even sure they knew how to golem jump). Instead they had something called "Freestyler", which is the term Mitnek highlighted earlier, however when you see this it looks like "Sidey Grid" It does not look anything like run st, or Line tag or even grid. They are deliberately just placing the farms wherever they want, with no real strategy, as fast as they can, and going "SEE IM GOOD!"

I entered the channel Hcs for the first time, stating that I'm from the USWest server, I have played in a few of your games as wolf, and noticed that you don't know some sheep tag basics, can I teach you? Frappachino, PiggerthePiglet and 2nd_a-k-a_Sheep all fed off each other in clan HCS, and had big heads, they did, they thought they knew everything.
After getting a little annoyed I stated the truth and said you don't even know the basics of Run ST, and diamonding (At this stage, farms were 6 hits to die without claws, so was the main strat). They insulted me, kicked me several times out of their channel. I joined their games for a few hours playing only wolf. Eventually I get worked up because they were complaining about me wolfing in 290 ping, saying I'm a scrub because I was wolfing against 8 by myself didn't win the game, despite the 10 kills. Frappa stated there is nothing I could possibly teach them in a private game. Banned me from their channel. It was around 5am in the morning for me , as I'm Australian, and I am on specifically to start a fresh somewhere as I had done previously in USWest. Mitnek and Akraea were in that game, and after I was banned from their channel those two said "look your skills aren't that great, you're not making any progress here." I explained the delay, where I'm from and if they would join my game they would see, but obviously they were more interested in playing with their clan.

I went back to USWest a few hours later, thinking I had failed, and thought well I'll come back with some decent kids and battle them, then they'll see they can improve. So I went to to.ct)RbR leader of RbR at this stage, I asked him if I could join, I burnt my clan GC down and Frozen.Pri3st of Clan Fr0z didn't respect me, due to me smurfing,  he disliked smurfers. I explained to to.ct)RbR that we could go to UsEast and vs them. East have a lot of active Sheep Taggers, not as many as USWest(At this stage, for atleast a year before this the community in USWest was split in two, Two thirds of St'ers were Reign of Chaos, while the other third was Frozen Throne, with Clan Lc being the main place for Frozen Throne and Fr0z being the best clan for ROC). As described by Drew, it is the golden era for Sheep Tag. It was the most played game in WC3, more played than even Ladder. It was played 24/7 on USWest due to the default server for Aussies being USWest, and after we go to bed Americans jump on.

I logged off for the day, as at this stage I had been up for 40 hours playing ST, and trying to get things to work with different attempts at clans. I woke up 5 hours later to to.ct)RbR logged off of USWest, Several hours later I go over to USEast again, as they are active at a stupid time for me. To discover to.ct)RbR had taken my information, and wanted to do it himself. He took Shoefactory, GosuSheep(As SoRT disbanded due to losing to clan Fr0z a month earlier and those two from the clan joined RbR for some reason.), Baby_Precious was there under her RBR aka, with Terminator)RbR etc... They wanted to war HCS, in USEast I smurfed under the guise of "Supra-Sheep", so he didn't know who I was. I confronted to.ct)RbR and asked WTF? We were supposed to do this together, he stated I wasn't good enough and continued to battle HCS without me. Smashing them of course. That day Baby_precious left clan RbR to join my venture, as she was witness to the whole thing to.ct)RbR and I had worked out.

At this stage of USEast I never saw PureX, obviously he wasn't around the 3 days max I spent there. Drew wasn't about either. Maybe he came just after this altercation, or maybe he was just a scrub, who knows. The maps being played at this time in USEast was 7.5SE (A revised version, as the 7.5 version had a huge bug in it, I think wolves had at their disposal mass infernals at the shop for free for some reason, that wrecked the game due to a wc3 patch) You could Run ST if you were decent, not as well as what you later could in 7.1 Revised III PE etc, but decently.

Chapter 4 - West (Post East encounter)

I left USEast only to return there later in Drew's Chapter 6, I created a clan in USWest with Policia(Not that I knew it was him at the time), 12iot(I did know it was him at the time), Swillen, baby_Precious, and EPlC (Also known as Epic-Sheep at one stage, before someone from useast made that aka). At this stage I had gotten huge in stealthbot and had several wc3 keys. So I created the clan with 3 of my smurfs, and those players.

Clan Fr0z was the power house clan in USWest Reign of Chaos. To join Fr0z you had to pass a series of tests with Pri3st, + 2 shamans like Arxon and Gagazet in the game, and really impress them. Upon acceptance, you were then required to abandon your main account and take up their tag. For a while Anti-Drug and SilverWolfy were in Clan Fr0z without having to tag up, that changed later, and were forced to tag up like the rest of them.

The clan I created after returning from USEast was named OuTsider AKA OuT (As I, 12iot and Swillen were regarded really good players, but not allowed to join a good clans waring 4, and I personally wasn't allowed to join Fr0z due to my smurfing) I then challenged clan Fr0z. They had just lost to clan Lc (They played as sheep in Clan Lc's delay for some reason, so wasn't a real win, as Frozen.Pri3st was Australian, and was regarded as one of their best players, he also didn't have his best 4, (Frozen.Arxon, Frozen.Gagazet and SilverWolfy) instead they played without Arxon and Gagazet, I think he might have used "Sheepa", who was really good, just not as good as those two, I'd need to confirm with Gagazet, as he was more inside than I was. I vsed clan Fr0z, they didn't take OuT seriously and got smashed. When Pri3st found out that one of them was 12iot, he was like, "ahhhh, I should have waited for my best 4". He disbanded Fr0z that day, not due to me. He just wanted to quit Sheep Tag, it took too much of his time. He had inherrited that clan from somebody else, and had made it the Sheep Tag power house, he didn't want his Shamans left with it, rather them to create a different clan.

Clan Jedi was then made by the forming of Fr0z shamans/grunts. It had a really good line up, Had even tougher restrictions, however everyone that was once tagged up to join Fr0z went back to their original names never to tag up again. So Gagazet, Peaz, Anti-Drug, Wolfy, SilverWolfy (I don't think Sheepa joined yet, at this stage he was involved in another clan with 12iot, as 12iot left OuT a few weeks after to make a clan with ELITE-SHEEP, Sheepa, Fep and EPlC. This is when Arxon_Havenloft had decided to start making maps. He collaborated with UberSheep, who made minor terrain adjustments, while Arxon did all trigger work and balancing. I went to Europe during this stage and found that Shiri was there, she was the leader of clan Love on reign of chaos in Europe, they had a better time to play, it was 10pm --> 4am whereas East starts at 5am--> mid morning.  and had heaps of converts because Shiri was a girl. Little teenage boys love the idea of flirting with a girl while playing. After getting 350 ping minimum for over a month, I left staying up late with Europe. I disbanded OuT, as my only recruits left were Swillen, xJessicax and LethalMofo. Policia was in like 5 other clans, one of them being Jedi). I then started a fresh with cAa, it was just meant to be cA, but it was that tag was taken. I also had a trial period for potential new recruits, but we could not compete vs Jedi yet, Clan Lc was now a memory, they were there, but they did not play Sheep Tag. Clan WuDi was the active ST clan for Frozen Throne, with Kamakazi-Sheep and Wudi, it was really dieing on Frozen Throne.

Chapter 6 -- East

I had heard that Jedi went East for some reason and battled, this would have been Mid 2004, as by the 23rd of November 2004 cAa was now the best clan in USWest due to two important events occurring, the release of World of Warcraft, which pulled every single Jedi member(besides UberSheep AKA to.ct)RbR) to that game. I had one casualty xJessicax, she left to that game because her boyfriend in real life was playing it with her, she did come back every now and then (Tuesdays was patch day wasn't it?). However by this stage, I had Policia, 12iot, Swillen, EPlC, LethalMofo, StandTall(the first aussie I trained up and he was really good) and SUPER-KENNY, 3rd-Shot-Plzz, MrJones I had a huge A list of players, . We were actually ready to war Jedi, but they were hugely inactive. So, we went USEast and Europe instead. I challenged, and battled many clans in USWest/USEast/Europe and never lost a clan war. Euro I did not vs the best they had though, I vsed two scrub clans which TraxxWOLF was part of one before he knew how to play properly.  I played a few games with SwedishChef.Lc and Deadfly, we never actually warred. Pretty sure challenges from both parties were made, but no follow through, due to the time differences. I didn't even play clan Behh at this stage either, I didn't really have any contact with them though. I warred clan love (not that it's any real challenge, they were horrid, they ran away from mid and just corner massed), after that war, Shiri was pissed with me, I had forgot that back in the day we both knew each others passwords, she went onto my account and booted everyone from my clan except my shamans. I raged, didn't know who was it, after banning someone from my channel for days, I decided to investigate and found that shiri had been on my account. Whoops. I did war Ydoc's clan regularly at one stage(Maybe it was Tac0, but I don't think so, I think it was separate from any clan mentioned from Drew's post). One of the times vsing Ydoc's clan they had one of my starting 4 smurfing for them (Policia), found out after they lost, Policia was raging because I waited until SUPER-KENNY was on to war. I warred PureX's clan once, won. Eventually it got to a point, no clan in USEast or USWest would vs cAa, and I had to go find other teams to vs. Instead of going to Europe to vs SwedishChef.Lc, I decided to quit ST for a while and start playing Ladder. I took James with me(StandTall), I kept cAa up and would play pubs/privates during the day, but James and I now concentrated on getting good at ladder. This was mid 2005.

Chapter 6/7/8/9 - West 2006
I came back, properly, Standtall was lost to ladder forever, he never emerged to play ST again. At this point cAa was dead. I had let it dwindle to the point where it died because the account SheepGod hadn't been on in ages and Blizzard disbanded it. I met Adam(TwilightSniper) playing ladder. He started playing ST with me, I tried to get him to fill the spot James once filled, he will play ladder with me at times, and ST with me at other times(Didn't work out, our synergy in ladder was horrid and he would insist on map hacking lol).

StH exists, I have come back and all of a sudden MaverickSheep has created a forum, is in USEast and on Frozen Throne?
Clan LSS is recreated without Lss-Hellsing, and with ZeroShadow1(AKA MrJones) leading it. Cowardlyshoe a Shaman in LSS east, was elevated from him being a grunt in Clan Las, who lost against cAa at least 10 times before rejecting further challenges. The world is spinning out of control. Shroomy had grown hugely in skill too, he was mediocre in my games. Maverick had grown in skill too, as I remember when he was in clan eSa (Elite Sheep Assassins) made by eSa.General(who was horrid and ended up being chief of 13a5, a clan Drew mentioned earlier). Pooman.LC was playing with Mav, GosuSheep was back(This kid quit and came back to ST as many times as I did), Shoefactory(AKA: LeetSheep) was back. A lot of players are telling me, (MIKE, OMFG, GOOD THAT YOU'VE ARRIVED CLAN LSS IS SAYING THEY ARE SOOO GOOD, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR CLAN BACK AND VS THEM!)

So, I start playing, but I've got no one, Super-kenny is gone, etc, and I prefer Reign of Chaos not Frozen Throne. So I go to Clan StH, start chatting with Drew. We end up being on a team together, I think we challenge Gosus clan, and I FAIL, I insist on hosting, so Drewisfat is playing in lag, and I fail big time. I die very quickly to pc issues, Gosu types to Drew saying "Ok, you played very well considering the lag, you and your clan are good, but King he's horrid (I'm king btw, Genosis.King was the first aka gosu remembers me on, he doesn't know my previous smurfs from previous encounters), then leaves.

This is embarrassing as ****, I slow down and ease back into sheep tag, and wait until I purchase a new pc, as this pc at the time was known to do this 20 times a day, my screen would freeze for a few seconds, and then when it returns it has a floating mouse until I reset the pc. Floating mouse: When you tell your mouse to go somewhere, it goes there in delay, slowly, floating along, instead of precise movements.

I could write forever detailing my many years of on and off, and early west days from Reign of chaos in 2002, to frozen throne in 2003, back to reign of chaos in 2003. My encounter against clan oSa 2008 I believe? (After Gosu said, naa we can't win), We win, Chakra/Gosu/Shroomy/OC and I. Gosu picked Shroomy up from his house, and they played at the same house, everyone died that game, except me, I lasted full time(this time I was in American host, so I was cautious as all hell). After that match, Shoop raged at his team and disbanded oSa. (Which is good, because I am the person who in the middle of a STWC on a team with Drew again(frigan hell I've failed Drew in some important matches, and I believe I was host YET AGAIN LOL) had died to Amir, who was afk in mid. I thought he was a frigan illusion. I didn't use stacks or anything, just went in and saved, and died to afk wolf. I raged at myself screaming "WHO THE F**** WOULD AFK IN THE MIDDLE OF A STWC?")

So I'll leave it at that for now.


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Re: Sheep Tag (East) A Complete History
« Reply #16 on: March 26, 2023, 04:46:15 am »
Good history! No mention of Clan aFc in west.. after Lc went down, they rose and beat WuDi, I believe .. anywho. I used to be Poo-Man / LifeToLifeLess.. Alpha, I stupidly can't remember your AKA .. statted with a D?  Didn't you and some chick basically create run tag? iirc?

On a side note, Drew, I believe your time line is a little off.. EPiC-SHEEP had quit ST way, way before the time you claimed him to be there, also..

No mention of iLLuSiVe-SHeeP! No mention of a lot of West players lol, guess this is technically the history from East's perspective, though
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