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Sheep Tag CTF 1.0.9
« on: August 09, 2014, 10:51:09 pm »
Sheep Tag CTF 1.0.9


>Using X to cancel a farm now refunds gold.
>Added -refund X to adjust the rate.
>Added -bounty X to adjust the farm bounty modifier.
>Added -mana X Y to adjust sheep/shepherd mana regeneration rate.
>New Farms: Spring (S), Translocation (S), Stun (V), Warp (E), Detonation (D).
>Hotkey Changes: Burrow (V->C), Purge (D->C), Artillery (C->D).
>Replaced Movement: Orb with Inferno.
>Movement can now be used on any terrain (the ability).
>Added a lightning effect when -safe is active and the other team holds your flag.
>Use item now orders your unit to move to the target point if the item is not aimable (speed, invis, etc).
>Offensive Spirits are now killed after 90 seconds in alternate mode.

>Gold cost of many farms reduced.
>Bounty of many farms changed.
>Artillery farm manual attack range increased to 2100 (+1400).
>Artillery farm manual attack knockback increased to 450 (+150).
>Amplification farm no longer increases distance on missiles similar to artillery farm's.
>Acceleration pad is no longer stackable.
>Zipline farm health reduced to 60.
>Purge farm now has the same appearance as a regular farm.
>Many item cost changes (some permanent items increased, some consumables decreased).
>Major changes to bouncer.
>Major changes to invisibility, units can no longer see invisible units.
>Bow and Arrow speed increased to 1500 (+600/+300).
>Bow and Arrow cast time reduced to 1.3 seconds (-.5).
>Bow and Arrow now bounces off boundary.
>Shield stun on attack radius raised to 300 (+100).
>Shield stun duration changed to 0/.2 (-.5, +.1).
>Shield now bounces most arc spells (leap, grenade, artillery).
>Golem mana cost increased to 1250 (+250).
>Golem duration increased to 60 seconds (+15).
>Golems can now attack enemy sheep.
>Beam now slows any enemy struck by 50% for 4 seconds.
>Beam sheep speed increased to 600 (+200).
>Mine fade time increased to 5 seconds (+3).
>Mine is now destroyed by shield.

>Some (hopefully all) tft-only models removed (thanks Chakra).
>Buffs can no longer be seen on invisible units.
>All mana costs now match their tooltips.

Quick description of new farms/items:

Detonation Farm (D) - Basically a mine farm that can be detonated on command, but only targets enemies.
Translocation Farm (S) - A stack (or non-stack, both options exist) farm that teleports your sheep to the other side.
Spring Farm (S) - A stack farm that is destroyed instantly, knocking any enemy it was built on back 720 range.
Warp Farm (E) - After 3 seconds, or when killed by an enemy, this farm is destroyed and the sheep is teleported to it.
Stun Farm (C) - After finishing construction, a player can use X or D to destroy the farm and launch a missile towards their sheep, stunning any enemy hit for 2 seconds. If an enemy kills the farm, the missile will stun allies.

Bouncer: Shepherd - summons a missile that bounces from farm to farm, dealing 20 extra (starts at 0) damage per farm hit. If the missile hits a sheep, the sheep is stunned for 3% of the damage in seconds.
Inferno - Lays a wall of fire to the target location, preventing all units from passing and damaging buildings.

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