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Author Topic: Sheep Tag Rivals on Starcraft II  (Read 1671 times)


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Re: Sheep Tag Rivals on Starcraft II
« Reply #15 on: December 16, 2015, 07:05:04 am »
008 and I were playing earlier and it isn't great, at least if you're expecting anything like wc3 sheep tag. Nothing against the creators or anything, the map is actually pretty nice, it just doesn't seem like the engine will allow it to be very similar (or maybe most of the reason it feels so weird is really just turn rate).

Building on top of the sheep is incredibly unpredictable in terms of bounce, and I had a lot of trouble even bbing when a wolf was chasing me, so I don't see runtag every really being possible, though this might just be because wolves are 10x faster than sheep and the turn rate thing, and might get easier with practice.

For the map, if you're taking suggestions I'd say:

Teams: One game everyone but one person selected sheep, so we ended up playing 6v1 or something. The wolf got a few AIs, but they obviously aren't on par with a player. Id suggest forcing someone to be wolf if the need arises.

Saving system: if there are 8 sheep and 4 wolves, and the sheep just don't all die in the same location, the wolves are never going to win. The pen isn't a great solution either, but at least it makes winning possible. It might be interesting to try some sort of respawn system, where your timer got longer every death by a minute or so. Would allow shepherds to focus on killing instead of having to dedicate players to camping, and would prevent sheep from sitting for huge periods of time because their team can't be asked to save them.

Attacking in general: Chakra already mentioned the attack priority thing, but I also saw several times when a sheep actually touched a wolf that was chasing it, and the wolf gave an awkward stutter and didn't attack it. A sheep can often just run in a straight line while being chased and not be killed.

Sight: For sheep, I'd like a little larger sight radius, wolves are/can get so fast that reaction time is very low, something I feel like should never be a problem without invisibility. For wolves, there are a couple things: a sheep who just runs in circles around a tree is basically impossible to target as they stay in line of sight for like .1 seconds (side note, maybe make sheep selection circle a bit bigger to make this easier, if priority attack isn't working). I'm not crazy about how much trees actually block line of sight in general. The other thing is, when playing as a shepherd, despite laying a ward every cooldown, I felt like I had no vision of the map and had trouble just finding sheep. Maybe make ward a base ability or up the vision radius.

Shade chase ability: The one where the shade follows you and kills you if it touches... seems way more powerful than every other ability, I'd suggest having it follow in a far less direct route, aka having the angle of pursuit adjust slowly (like the motion of homing missile in warlocks, or the felhunter in HHF).

Images: Currently it doesn't seem like there is any pathing check on the image ability. You can image into a mass of farms, over hills, etc.

Sheep damage: bring back 1 hit kills on farms please.

Destroy hotkey: esc is a bit of a reach for me personally, I'd like to see D make a comeback.

Leaderboard: It appears in the center of the screen and forces you to hold tab down, I prefer the wc3 style toggle in the top right corner as you can still play with the leaderboard showing.

Hills: Currently you can jump over hills with just a wide farm. Not really a big deal or anything, particular for ultimate style gameplay, just seems too easy. Wider hills would be nice.

Wolf gold/items: I filled my inventory pretty quickly and then didn't have anything to do with my gold. More slots and items (one that relearns abilities would be nice) wouldn't hurt.

Selection: I wasn't able to select multiple farms at a time by dragging a box over them or double clicking. There also doesn't seem to be any sort of "click this to target my sheep/shepherd" button, and clicking the portrait of the unit doesn't pan my camera to the unit. I really like all these features in wc3.

We tried two types of sheep tag on sc2, so sorry if any of this is from the other map, not rivals. Also sorry for writing a novel.
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