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Author Topic: Sheep Tag Rivals on Starcraft II  (Read 1671 times)


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Re: Sheep Tag Rivals on Starcraft II
« Reply #15 on: December 16, 2015, 08:43:23 pm »
Another assumption I'd like to get rid of is that this sheep tag should be like the one that existed on w3. I think that assumption should be erased immediately.

We should not assume just because things are different from w3, that they are *impossible* or whatever. I think that although the w3 kids are good at that version, we have some learning to do on this version. For example, when wolves use the shade ability, you can easily avoid that shade by just keeping a little bit more distance from the wolf. That's easy as pie. You just have to get it in your head.

As far as other suggestions, I have some below. Please don't take these as criticisms. They are merely suggestions. I am not trying to say that you've done a poor job. I think the work you've done is far better than what I could have accomplished. I just am providing my thoughts, and if you think any of them could help, great. If not, that's fine too.

  • Add the name of the group to "Tips" section or the map loading screen. Could give folks higher chance of joining the channel
  • Add a note somewhere about rating the map. Could yield more ratings, which could yield more players.
  • You might want to put on Boots of Speed "Doesn't Stack". I saw a wolf with 2 boots.
  • I noticed the 350 cost claws are equivalent in damage to 3 of the 100 cost claws. You're essentially paying 50 extra gold for the convenience of having more item slots. I think if you've reached the point of filling your item slots, you either (1) are way ahead and probably deserve to win because you played well or (2) you are way behind and need as much help as you can get. I think it could make sense to make the 60 damage claws cost LESS than 300, not more.
  • Some suggestions for map control / camping
    • Add a permanent golem that you could use for camping
    • Add a "camper" minion that has to be within a certain distance of spirits (they have stun abilities anyway)
    • Make wards have a smaller cooldown and larger vision
    • Make spirits require multiple hits or require that *each* sheep be attacked to be rescued (instead of mass save)
    • Show vision of a sheep when they're in a certain range of a spirit.
    • Add a teleportation ability that allows wolves to, after a 5 or 10 second delay, teleport anywhere on the map. This teleportation is shown on the screen so sheep know it's coming, but at least wolves could have a better option if a spirit is across map.
  • I believe that certain abilities are so much better than others, that an overhaul is necessary. For instance, Mirror Image and Golem, in my opinion, are required. Mirror Image not only can be used to block sheep from building (which was a necessity in high level play on w3), but IT CAN ALSO DO DAMAGE (50% of wolf). That's INSANELY good. Far Sight can show sight of a place, sure, but you can always send a Mirror Image to explore. Far Sight doesn't move. I think Image is so much better than Far Sight, you shouldn't even have 1 wolf get Far Sight in a game; all wolves should get Image. While I agree that having options is important, I think the options should be on par with how good Mirror Image is, and I just don't think the other abilities are there yet. Same thing with Golem. Golem provides a jumping option, a camping option, and an additional cutter. It's way better than increased speed or the other stuff that's in there. I can't remember all the stuff that is there right now, but I think having a discussion about ability overhaul (perhaps in game) would be a good use of time.
  • I think the gold reward system needs to be overhauled. Currently you get 10 gold for killing a tiny farm, 7 gold for killing a money farm, and 0 gold for killing a farm or a sheep. I don't think the gold-to-farm-value adds up. I think you should receive a reward for killing a sheep. If you want to prevent snowballing, perhaps you could make the reward based on how many sheep are left and maybe even how many wolves are playing. For instance, if you kill 1 sheep and there are 6 left, you probably need some help to kill those other sheep. If you kill a sheep and there is only 1 left, you probably don't need as much help.
  • As far as the team balancing goes, maybe if it's 6 sheep vs 1 wolf player and 2 AI wolves, maybe you could give the wolf better stuff. More gold, auto max level, super abilities. Something to account for the difficult of having no teammates.

In general, to summarize the above list, some topics to discuss and focus on could be:

  • Map Control / Camping / Saving
  • Team balancing
  • Advertising the game and the group
  • Items and Abilities
  • Updates to the engine to allow for easier sheep killing, better turn speeds for sheep, and other stuff people mentioned.


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