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Re: ST Recruiting
« on: October 24, 2013, 11:20:29 pm »
Rofl ^^ I loved sidey's last post. Ye, recruiting and having new players stick with the game is incredibly hard because of the fantastically shitty attitude most players bring. I try to flame everyone equally, and I typically don't try to flame someone who makes mistakes (because it leads to more mistakes... dno if ppl realize that yet). If we want the community to expand we're going to have to accept that not every game is going to be 'tournament level' status. In fact, we have to accept that most sheep tag games will be mediocre-skill-level.

If people are to keep with sheep tag, then they have to love not only the game, but the community. It's kind of hard to love this community unless you've been part of it for some years already. 5 years ago people were much more accepting of new players, whereas now we're left with a bunch of elitist fuckfaces who kick if you miss a kill.

tldr: If we want ST to expand people need to not flame new players like nuts, and keep their anger under control.


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