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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #30 on: March 12, 2015, 10:46:28 am »
Lol, this is hilarious... It really depends in what era you're talking about...... As St progressed and people left and came back the top 10 list for every realm kept changing, this isn't a top 10, because it's hard to just pin it down, unless I am biased and focus on the time when I was strong in the scene. Once upon a time East and Europe were terrible at ST, West progressed faster only because we had a: The map makers and b: the scene was a lot larger than any realm until WOW came out, after that everyone in West either quit for Wow, quit for personal reasons, or migrated to East or Europe. I'll take a crack at it, Not really gonna number them, because these list of people were the best or 2nd/3rd best in their own time.

West from Old untill it Died
  • Kareya(Aka escaper.rabbit)
  • SSGokuXX
  • 12iot(Aka SUPER-12IOT)
  • Fep
  • EPLC(Aka SUPER-EPLC)(Aka: Epic-Sheep)
  • Wolfy
  • Wudi420(Not too sure on his aka might have been 240)
  • Redefine.Lc
  • Falc0n.Lc
  • Pooman.Lc(At one stage, when he was in clan Lc and active he was very good. AKA: LifeToLifeLess)
  • Frozen.Pri3st
  • SheepGod(Many akas.... Supra-Sheep, Alph4bet, Genosis.King, Outsider.Redist are just a few)
  • Gagazet(AKA Frozen.Gagazet)
  • Shoefactory(AKA LeetSheep)
  • GosuSheep
  • SwedishChef.Lc(AKA IAmOnYourSide(Only got really good after he migrated to Europe))
  • Swillen
  • Policia(Aka C0nnecti0n, Outsider-Bas and other various akas especially in USEast, would often join some east clan and vs cAa in Clan wars)
  • xJessicax(Aka: Baby_Precious)
  • Rival-TEX(AKA BlackRival)
  • Anti-Drug(Considered to be an excellent Shepherd, not that great at Sheep)
  • Arxon_Havenloft(AKA Frozen.Arxon)
  • FortuneCookie
  • Standtall
  • to.ct)RbR(Aka: Frozen.OC, UberSheep)
  • CowardlyShoe(Not until after he migrated to USEast and joined MrJones's clan on tft.)
  • Shroomy
  • Chakra
  • Zo0lander
  • Bulldog22
  • Koala(AKA Twilight_Sniper)
  • Deadly_Sheep100
  • ArkSheep
  • Phooey
  • TheBlackSheep(I believe he went to East on some aka later on)

Europe List from Old to New

USEast List from Old to New
  • 3rd-shot-plzz
  • MrJones(Aka Zeroshadow1)
  • PureX
  • Drewisfat
  • BattleWarrior
  • DuncanDonuts
  • Celestial_One
  • RogueAssassin
  • MagooGotBanned
  • DivineRight
  • 307thPerson
  • Master-Shep

Asia List from Old to New
  • WhiteTiger(I believe he's from Quanglee)

Still updating list, takes ages to remember these kids...
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