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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #30 on: June 13, 2017, 05:17:07 am »
ehh Drew, i check in from time to time.. generally 6-10 months apart.. And i can agree with you about super-kenny from your perspective. But kenny would play with me all the time and would randomly hop in and just pick up where he left off being amazing. Its just my opinion though and i have WAY more games with him so i saw more.

And yes NMCDO, lol.. i left in the middle of typing that to go do some stuff came back and didn't realize i did shroomy twice. I started ST in 2002, and was a pretty big influence on the west server for a long time. AntiNos will still be to this day the best wolf in my eyes. When i first started playing ST i was no good like any other scrub who comes into the game and presses BF to build 5 farms in 15 seconds.. So i played wolf instead of sheep.. The game back then still had sheep who would mass savings farms and make stun farms in the corners of the map with no idea what the game was. There were several unfair jumps that sheep could make to which the wolfs could not get them.. There was even "tree hugging" where a sheep could hide in the trees and the wolf couldn't kill them. So i have been around since the start of it all. Back then the major clans were Clan SS and Clan SSS.. When i first started playing ST the game was was 8v4.. and typically the host would start games with 8v2 because no one wanted to play wolf. Me and a few buddies liked playing wolf so we created clan KW.. Killer Wolves.. back then my name was RedKWDog... lol... AntiDrug and AntiNos were apart of this clan, of course we had several wolves who were great but these two were great. AntiDrug eventually played sheep, however AntiNos played wolf 95% of the time, it was rare to see her play sheep. She was consistent in her play and was always very competitive regardless of the enemy team and was always positive and played the game for fun. All around good person and amazing teammate. Although she stopped playing around the time of Clan aFc which you may have never heard of... I was in every major clan and played with everyone who was ever good. I have my opinions but i was around since day 1 and i feel like i had enough time to assess most players in the game, however i left ST and several players came in after my time so i cant give opinions on them.

And people can try to deny it but I was also a big influence on RT even though i never made any videos and such. Back in the day you had to pass certain tests or had tryouts to join clans and all anyone ever wanted to do was mass fast, and me and several people wanted to change the game up and started playing tons of RT. Although RT should just be a part of ST to get from point to point while not massing, many players turned it itself into a game.


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