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Author Topic: Top 10 All Time ST players  (Read 3994 times)


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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #30 on: February 09, 2015, 10:44:06 am »
1. Drewisfat
2. Sidey
3. CMK
4. Cow
5. Amir
6. Magoo
7. Chaisey
8. Shoop
9. Chakra
10. SheepGod
11. GosuSheep

Honourable mentions:

Shroomy, Celestial_One, Runemining, TraxxWOLF

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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #31 on: February 09, 2015, 08:06:41 pm »
I'd like an explanation for these rankings. 

I think it is safe to say Drew is the best of all time because he is the smoothest player we have emotionally and physically.

I don't understand why Sidey is #2.  I think Chakra is a better choice because hes as smooth as drew if not better. 


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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #32 on: March 12, 2015, 10:46:28 am »
Lol, this is hilarious... It really depends in what era you're talking about...... As St progressed and people left and came back the top 10 list for every realm kept changing, this isn't a top 10, because it's hard to just pin it down, unless I am biased and focus on the time when I was strong in the scene. Once upon a time East and Europe were terrible at ST, West progressed faster only because we had a: The map makers and b: the scene was a lot larger than any realm until WOW came out, after that everyone in West either quit for Wow, quit for personal reasons, or migrated to East or Europe. I'll take a crack at it, Not really gonna number them, because these list of people were the best or 2nd/3rd best in their own time.

West from Old untill it Died
  • Kareya(Aka escaper.rabbit)
  • SSGokuXX
  • 12iot(Aka SUPER-12IOT)
  • Fep
  • EPLC(Aka SUPER-EPLC)(Aka: Epic-Sheep)
  • Wolfy
  • Wudi420(Not too sure on his aka might have been 240)
  • Redefine.Lc
  • Falc0n.Lc
  • Pooman.Lc(At one stage, when he was in clan Lc and active he was very good. AKA: LifeToLifeLess)
  • Frozen.Pri3st
  • SheepGod(Many akas.... Supra-Sheep, Alph4bet, Genosis.King, Outsider.Redist are just a few)
  • Gagazet(AKA Frozen.Gagazet)
  • Shoefactory(AKA LeetSheep)
  • GosuSheep
  • SwedishChef.Lc(AKA IAmOnYourSide(Only got really good after he migrated to Europe))
  • Swillen
  • Policia(Aka C0nnecti0n, Outsider-Bas and other various akas especially in USEast, would often join some east clan and vs cAa in Clan wars)
  • xJessicax(Aka: Baby_Precious)
  • Rival-TEX(AKA BlackRival)
  • Anti-Drug(Considered to be an excellent Shepherd, not that great at Sheep)
  • Arxon_Havenloft(AKA Frozen.Arxon)
  • FortuneCookie
  • Standtall
  • to.ct)RbR(Aka: Frozen.OC, UberSheep)
  • CowardlyShoe(Not until after he migrated to USEast and joined MrJones's clan on tft.)
  • Shroomy
  • Chakra
  • Zo0lander
  • Bulldog22
  • Koala(AKA Twilight_Sniper)
  • Deadly_Sheep100
  • ArkSheep
  • Phooey
  • TheBlackSheep(I believe he went to East on some aka later on)

Europe List from Old to New

USEast List from Old to New
  • 3rd-shot-plzz
  • MrJones(Aka Zeroshadow1)
  • PureX
  • Drewisfat
  • BattleWarrior
  • DuncanDonuts
  • Celestial_One
  • RogueAssassin
  • MagooGotBanned
  • DivineRight
  • 307thPerson
  • Master-Shep

Asia List from Old to New
  • WhiteTiger(I believe he's from Quanglee)

Still updating list, takes ages to remember these kids...
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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #33 on: May 15, 2015, 05:07:30 pm »
1. kyle
2+. everyone else

/thread :^)
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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #34 on: May 02, 2016, 09:11:05 pm »
I would nominate myself for being one of the best at one point ;)

I would throw in SheepGod, Drewisfat, and Policia. Arxon_Havenloft's Clan Jedi was a force to be reckoned with. I'm not sure anyone in that group was top 10 worthy, but their team skills made them near-unstoppable.


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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #35 on: September 24, 2016, 12:43:14 pm »
Not sure how I stumbled across this post, but I agree with Alph4bet, the ST scene was huge during the ROC days.  Some of the newer maps they were coming out with after TFT kinda killed it, and yes ppl quit to go play WoW as well. 

Anyways, Escaper-Rabbit (Kareya) really was ridiculous along with some others in Clan-esc, such as Escaper-Wolf, Escaper-Cat, Escaper-Fox, Escaper-Dog etc., these guys playing together were unbeatable.  I believe RedefineD may have been a clan that strictly played wolves?  Along came some greats like gosusheep, kamakazi, etc.  Ahh those good ol' days


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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #36 on: May 31, 2017, 10:51:51 am »
I can agree and disagree with alot of this. Firstly, Drew saying Star was top 10??? Based off influence i can see how he played his role however....i wouldnt put Star in my top 500.. Same goes for Mavericksheep.. the dude was good and brought alot to the table but was never a force to be reckoned with. Also players like redefine.Lc and Wudi420 were overhyped players with little skill. Here is my top 10 ALL TIME. no order.

1.)Super-KENNY - The dude was amazing from the beginning.. would stop playing months, come back and still **** on the competition.
2.)GosuSheep - Because of what he did for the game, and his continued effort to better sheeptag while still holding the skill to be called a legend.
3.)Sidey/Swedishchef.LC - I knew him from the era of the beginning and the start of the server wars. He is one of the oldest and most respected in my eyes.. even though he is a ****
4.)GoldenRock/Chakra - I watched this kid from the time he was a random nobody in my pub games to what he has become. He is truly one of the best and i also feel responsible for helping him become that.. Do not know if he feels the same.
5.)Shroomy - always his own player and got better with every game he played.
6.)Im giving this slot a 3 way tie... in order.. SheepGod/Policia/Gagazet... Three original ST pros who were generally RoC but stayed true to the game and always progressed further
7.) Drewisfat - The first East guy i came across and was amazed by. A legit legend in my eyes and an original on my book. (top 5 if there was an order)
8.)Shroomy - I watched shroomy climb the ranks in the ST world as he made his way up in the ranks. A true gamer in my book, always progressing.
9.)CowardlyShoe - Someone who i thought took a while to progress.. but when he did he SHOT up the ranks.. (Top 5 if this was in oder)
10.) MrJones/ZeroShadow1 - When he came to west me and this guy played a million games together and grew together.. we made each other better everytime we played together.

And of course i would throw myself in the top 10... however i did not wanna be a smug bastard.

PooMan.LC/LifeToLifeLess.. i honestly would have ranked him top 10 but his love for ST died quickly and he wasn't around for the love of the game, but for the players..
Celestial_One -  An original guy who always played like he meant it and showed true compassion for the game
Bulldog/Maggo - i lump together because i feel like they were the same person/player..
DeadFly[WP] -  First guy Sidey brought from Euro with talent in my eyes.
ChiefHero - Another guy who grew on me and surpassed alot of players from the West server
Anti-Nos - the BEST wolf ever.. way better than Anti-Drug which i think was confused earlier in a post.

All in all.. i still love Sheep Tag, and i miss alot of my old friends from the good ole' days.

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/RivalTEX
Email: Joshroo@live.com

Come join me in some Rocket League or Dota.. or message me for some wc3


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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #37 on: May 31, 2017, 08:00:30 pm »
Hey, don't know you very well (as you probably have 0 idea who I am), I noticed you placed shroomy in both ranks 5 and 8? I think you made a error there.

I've personally looked back on a lot of ST history and some of the people you've just mentioned I've never heard, and was wondering if u could fill some history gaps on:

-Anti-Nos: who's this?
Respect the Runtag.


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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #38 on: June 02, 2017, 03:09:10 am »
Wow has Rival reappeared after all these years!?

Or is it just Sheepgod ^^

My list was headed with "Ranking includes an arbitrary balance of skill/influence on the game/culture dominance in realm". So given that Star is most credited with the first "pro" maps his influence really can't be understated. Both modern pro maps and the "Ultimate" maps can be traced to 7.5 and 7.1.

I don't know who Anti-Nos is. I listed Anti-Drug because his reputation was that of being the best wolf at the time. I didn't make up that reputation, that came from westies. But from the times I played with him I saw nothing to doubt it. Also his philosophy of treating players perhaps better than they were and not buying golems influenced me.

I also put 30-seconds Chaise high on my list for Euros because being the leader of Behh at the time when all 3 gateways started playing together was a hugely influential position.

Mike's list of East "from old to new" is quite confusing, as not only did I play a couple years before philo, but Master-Shep (#10) also played before Philo. I remember finding Ed in an ulti game soon after the collapse of ESS on East. He was noteworthy because he was the first person I saw there who actually preferred wolf. He never gave up and usually won. He was my first and most trusted follower :)

Kenny played a bit sometime post 2010. While he was possibly the best player at one point, he was underwhelming in the face of modern competition.


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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #39 on: June 13, 2017, 05:17:07 am »
ehh Drew, i check in from time to time.. generally 6-10 months apart.. And i can agree with you about super-kenny from your perspective. But kenny would play with me all the time and would randomly hop in and just pick up where he left off being amazing. Its just my opinion though and i have WAY more games with him so i saw more.

And yes NMCDO, lol.. i left in the middle of typing that to go do some stuff came back and didn't realize i did shroomy twice. I started ST in 2002, and was a pretty big influence on the west server for a long time. AntiNos will still be to this day the best wolf in my eyes. When i first started playing ST i was no good like any other scrub who comes into the game and presses BF to build 5 farms in 15 seconds.. So i played wolf instead of sheep.. The game back then still had sheep who would mass savings farms and make stun farms in the corners of the map with no idea what the game was. There were several unfair jumps that sheep could make to which the wolfs could not get them.. There was even "tree hugging" where a sheep could hide in the trees and the wolf couldn't kill them. So i have been around since the start of it all. Back then the major clans were Clan SS and Clan SSS.. When i first started playing ST the game was was 8v4.. and typically the host would start games with 8v2 because no one wanted to play wolf. Me and a few buddies liked playing wolf so we created clan KW.. Killer Wolves.. back then my name was RedKWDog... lol... AntiDrug and AntiNos were apart of this clan, of course we had several wolves who were great but these two were great. AntiDrug eventually played sheep, however AntiNos played wolf 95% of the time, it was rare to see her play sheep. She was consistent in her play and was always very competitive regardless of the enemy team and was always positive and played the game for fun. All around good person and amazing teammate. Although she stopped playing around the time of Clan aFc which you may have never heard of... I was in every major clan and played with everyone who was ever good. I have my opinions but i was around since day 1 and i feel like i had enough time to assess most players in the game, however i left ST and several players came in after my time so i cant give opinions on them.

And people can try to deny it but I was also a big influence on RT even though i never made any videos and such. Back in the day you had to pass certain tests or had tryouts to join clans and all anyone ever wanted to do was mass fast, and me and several people wanted to change the game up and started playing tons of RT. Although RT should just be a part of ST to get from point to point while not massing, many players turned it itself into a game.


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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #40 on: June 19, 2017, 12:55:47 am »
Yo Rivals?

What happened to the old TEX forums?

Tree hugging was removed by the time I headed for Europe so must have expired likely by 2003. But yeah the bottom right tree hugging game was complex at the time, using tornado farms to stack in and wolves fire orbing images to AoE sheep. Of course if sheep didn't attack any trees (I believe they were 3hit on same maps) there was an automatic win condition if you camped deep-forest.


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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #41 on: August 03, 2017, 07:55:36 am »
RiVAL!!!! not even in your top ten??? **** up!! This was supposed to be an influence ranking... meh.  I Guess i wasnt that influential.  remember iLLuSive sheep and Kama and so many other people that were hugely influential in West ST .. Bum.Lc, Wudi420, Blitz, GanG-SheeP, SilverSheep, Vindicate.Lc, i cant even remember who the shamans of aFc were..

Also 100% Agree @ #1.. SUPER-KENNY was unchallenged 
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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #42 on: November 08, 2017, 04:38:32 am »
If Drew isn't number 1 I don't take it seriously.
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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #43 on: November 24, 2017, 12:28:25 pm »
I guess it's hard to say for a lot of players because it's SUPER objective. When I witness the real person play vs what ppl said i should expect almost always let me down on my hunt for the best players during an era. I've given my hall of fame post on facebook so if you haven't seen that check it out.


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Re: Top 10 All Time ST players
« Reply #44 on: November 24, 2017, 07:35:26 pm »
I'm not falling for your facebook trap, Cele.


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