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Arguments parody
« on: May 16, 2014, 04:08:31 pm »
morality debate

Sam Harris: suffering is bad, people want to avoid suffering. getting acid in ones face causes suffering. throwing acid in peoples faces is immoral!

Drew: Nana i dont buy your argument, i like getting fluids on my face :D Morality refuteds§!

global warming debate

Gore: global warming is bad. burning tractor-tires contributes to global warming. don't burn tractor-tires!!!

Neppy: but if we stop burning tractor tires, tractor tires will no longer be burned. ignore the anti-tractor-burning agenda!!

fitness debate

Rocky Balboa: NO PAIN NO GAIN. work out hard in the gym, and reep the massive benefits later!

xxxandbeer: Nana Rokki, if i work hardz in de gym and then i don't get a 6pek, i will be in  same position im now. why bother try if sixpack aint guarantee on 2 week proteinshake? HAha. i dont study eiter maybe i get F and it all for nothing, even dou i read on vikipedia dat study and good grade is co-relation!

Tv-shows analyze table

Mark burnett: Man, game of thrones is killing the ratings! what's the secret to the shows success FFS, we gotta solve the mystery.

Drew: Nanan markie! game of thrones is a good and entertaining BE-CUZ half the earth is watching it, not other way around. i dont think half the earth is watch cus the show is fundamentally better than Americas Funniest Videos.

dont hate me guys <3 make fun of my posts below :D
"Sometimes Amir takes a deep breath and closes his eyes when he dota. That is when **** is getting real. He no longer plays dota, he feels dota, he IS dota." - Enstek

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Re: Arguments parody
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2014, 05:53:23 pm »
Lol great thread

Dota over Everything Debate

If I play Sheep Tag then I'm not playing Dota
If I'm not playing Dota then I'm not mastering Dota
If I'm not mastering Dota then I'm not going to be a Dota pro
If I'm not going to be a Dota pro then I'll end up as scrawny homeless man on de side of de street
If I end up a scrawny homeless man on de side of de street then I'll run into Shoop
If I run into Shoop I'll get raped by Shoop
Don't get raped by Shoop
Play Dota!


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Re: Arguments parody
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2014, 06:55:05 pm »
Join CsB debate:
Tollison: Guys all join CsB, Cbs is the best clan; CMK is the best mate and leader on b . net, all other clans have no people and suck,  join CsB! !
Everyone else:
Nmcdo: Wtf no...
Enstek: are you RETARDED?
Ed: (Points out tons of flaws against tollison) posts middle finger @ tollison.
Rest: LOL Tollison.
No offense tollison ^^
Respect the Runtag.


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Re: Arguments parody
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2014, 07:19:08 pm »
Note that the ratings of a show may not necessarily relate to the viewership. 30% of America watched the Friends season finale (5th) and 20% watched the Everybody Loves Raymond  season finale (14th), but few would rate these as some of the best TV shows, even by American standards.

Similarly, more people have probably read Twilight in the last five years than have read Ulysses.

There are essentially three ways to rank things. The market share, the market rating (i.e., people might read Twilight over Ulysses because it is easier, not because they think it's better), and informed rating (i.e., from critics). They all have some significance.


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