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Hillary mopped de **** floor with The Orange One. She baited him, she poked de angry bear, she got under his thick skin and he went from obnoxious bully to helpless baby. Insane to see someone running out of breath and water, and apparently coke, try to say his opponent doesn't have enough stamina. 

This is the biggest debate TKO since the great stack debate of 2009 where Sidey retreated deep into his hiding hole after Drew was done with him.

Lmao please! The Oompa Loompa took it easy as **** on ol' fragile Hilldog. He may have fallen in this one, but he held his ground for the fact that every question was a straight 360 no scope to his face. There's two more debates and I have a feeling he'll drop the gloves next time around.

You know somethings wrong when they spend more time talking about IRS Reports, instead of the 33k missing emails, Benghazi, and the Clinton Foundation. The monkey moderator with glasses couldn't be further up Hilldogs snatch.

A storms a brewin' and it'll put ol' Hilldog 6 feet under, if her own health doesn't do it first, just you watch!

The entire debate was worthless and meaningless and nobody learned anything they didn't already know.

This must be very awkward for drew to look back on  ;)

I wonder how you'll look back on your entire sheep tag career, NMCDO


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