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Relevance of Happiness
« on: August 27, 2013, 08:03:55 am »
How relevant is happiness to you?  Do you compromise happiness to be happy later on?

I have found for myself that happiness is relevant to live a less caring of individual discrepancies lifestyle.

I've been in the military with only 9 months exp and I was discharged for refusing to train any further because I felt like I wasn't doing the right thing anymore.

Due to social pressures we are driven towards the military, college, or the workforce strictly.  If you do not go into one of these categories then you're labeled an outcast or a privileged and undeserved being.

If society was doing what makes it happy rather than toiling away at outdated jobs and outdated classes we would have a minimum stress environment and maximum efficiency at what we want to do.

I have enrolled in college, I have changed my diet, I study on my own volition of academic matters, and I do calisthetics, maybe soon running, to further test my experiment on the relevance of happiness.

I am much more happier than I was ever before. 

I believe that hate and love are the same thing so lets make a name up for these two mixed emotions: Lote.

Lote = understanding now because to love and hate you must understand how to do so whether youre concious of it or not.  to understand lote completely you must be at 100%.  0% is a very basic organism.

My confidence shot from 40% to 80%.  I say this because I still get down on matters that don't pertain to the physical me.  I feel no one can have pure lote unless they are able to accept their surroundings at all costs to anything.

Which leads me to point out that no matter what advancement of the human race we obtain we will cease to be 100% Lote for there is always an action with an equal or opposite reaction.  No matter how much you lote something you can never change its mind to lote you the same way because it's 0% Lote if you were 100% lote. 

The only way to make others 100% is to know how to use it and to let others emulate you. 

Natural selection, by lote, has been the fundamental to our survival and reign as a species.

Questions I'd like answered from you: What experiences make you happy? Are you currently happy with your daily lifestyle or would you like a change?  What are your intentions of living on Earth?  Do you believe in evolution?

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Re: Relevance of Happiness
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2013, 09:46:47 am »
Well.. you got further than me Tolli. This was for Infantry as a Rifleman in the Australian Defence Force. I didn't even make it to the actual job interview which would have been with any member of either the Army, Air Force or Navy. All the medicals were fine but the shrink didn't think I had what it takes, some of the questions took me by surprise but I couldn't really lie when she asked was I really prepared/want to kill people or some variant of that. I was procrastinating for a long time before I actually got it together and set up an interview. I made the mistake of thinking that joining the Army is what would give me that self-discipline that I needed. I know now that was "doing it wrong". Recently I went to my local doctor for a checkup I hadn't seen him in a few years. He was grilling me on what I was doing with my life, if I had a job, what my plans were, etc. I told him no I wasn't working atm recently quit the part-time I had and wasn't sure what I was going to do.

As for happiness it really isn't that relevant to me. I'm not a sad sack but I tend to be too overly cynical about the world. I know most people don't like to take responsibility for their lot in life, someone else is always to blame for their lack of success whether that be parents, friends, teachers, environment. Which may even be true but doesn't excuse you from taking action in the present which is what matters. I think one of the most important realization anyone has is that no one TRULY cares if you succeed in life. Realizing your full potential that is.. becoming who you want to be which is what growing up is (something I heard on The Muppets =p). I have come to this realization long ago but I'm still the lazy unambitious non-motivated slacker I've always been.. slowly getting there. What is my reason for getting up in the morning? Something I still need to figure out. You know you are being unproductive but still don't try and remedy the situation. Right now I'm applying for a position to work on the ferries here in Sydney. Until then...

"Deep in our soul a quiet ember
Knows it's you against you
the paradox that drives us on"

“The self is not something one finds: it is something one creates.”

I don't even watch the show but I love the quote. Trying my best to reach my full potential or becoming the strongest version of my self. Adding value over taking value. This is a lifelong journey.

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