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Sheep Tag theoretical versus matches: who do you think wins?

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Every player will be playing at their career peaks in these theoretical matches, what team do you think would win? Choose!

I will try to use more known players.

5v5 Versus matches -

Versus match 1:
Team 1, Manzzy, Traxxwolf, Exalius, Tokan, Shoop

Team 2, Drewisfat, Magoo, Candymankiller, Mappy, Srborja-


Versus Match 2:
Team 1, ChiefHero[sks], Thedraperyfalls, Cookielovestory, Hawkys, Chakra

Team 2, BattleWaRRioR, Celestial_one, RoguexRanger, Chaiserae[behh], XXXandBeer


Versus match 3:
Team 1, Lovee, Grim.Shadow, CandymanKiller, Cowardlyshoe, Zo0Lander

Team 2, Traxxwolf, Enstekpannawolf, Chaiserae[behh], Thedraperyfalls, Spoofy


Versus match 4:
Team 1, Chiefhero[sks], Trollpro, Cookielovestory, Drewisfat, Chakra

Team 2, Magoo, BattleWaRRioR, Exalius, Shoop, Shroomy


Versus match 5:
Team 1, Chakra, Gosusheep, Shroomy, Bulldog22, Koala

Team 2, Candymankiller, Pab, Traxxwolf, Wrda, Trollpro


Versus match 6:
Team 1, Magoo, drewisfat, Zo0Lander, Celestial_one, Cowardlyshoe

Team 2, Thedraperyfalls, Chiefhero[sks], Shoop, Exalius, Nightmare[behh]

Who do you think wins each match, and why? (Explain.)

Bonus question:
Which is the most interesting versus match in your opinion?

I'll elaborate later but my votes are:
2, 1, 1, 1, 2, and 1.

The last one is the only really difficult one, as it's two very solid teams of tier 1 players, and every other team has at least some notable weaknesses. I'm tempted to think the easties prevail because Magoo ignores my orders and buys a golem, and shoop ignores his team's orders and manages to die to said golem.

My votes are as stated:

2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1

Here is my explanation for why I chose each winning teams

Versus 1: team 2 has combinations of drew/magoo with experience teaming together, cmk at his prime is a large addition, and mappy and srborja can hold there own. Team 1 however has some good talent, I don't see exalius and shoop working well together, or traxx and shoop for that matter. I think there would be disagreements, and the lack of coordination on the sheep game play would cause someone to die early and lead to a chain of deaths. Team 2 wins.

Versus 2: this match up seems like team 1 has higher overall skills, but also a wide cast of characters. Team 2 seems like it would have more synergy with battle warrior and celestial and rogue having played together for years. Guys like hawkys and Chakra would disagree with sidey/amir. Team 2 wins.

Versus 3: neither team has a lot more skill that the other, however I tend to view the players on team 1 to be much more similar in playstyles  (grim, cmk, cow) than team 2. Team 1 wins.

Versus 4: this is a strange match up,  with both sides having full arrangements of players with different styles. Team 1 looks to have a stable group however, and also a slightly higher skill level. Team 1 wins.

Versus 5: team 1 has great synergy, but the players on team 2 stack up ridiculously higher on individual skills, team 1 has no star player to lead them, team 2 has ample talent. Team 2 wins.

Versus 6: from my opinion , the skill levels are almost even. However, I see a struggle of leadership on team 2, compared to 1 likely putting drew at the helm there. Team 1 wins due to better coordination on critical isolations.

I think you guys are too quick to judge my match. Sidey and amir are top legends, chakra is very good as well. My prediction is it would be an upset round with chaise and beer dying early. Victory for team hawkys.

It is theoretical peaks of there career hawks. Chaise doesn't die the moment wolves spawn. Beer could hold his own, he was on a STWC 2008 team that won I believe as well to his credit. Team 2 wins due to the reasons I stated.


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