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Author Topic: What kind of games do you play?  (Read 460 times)


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Re: What kind of games do you play?
« Reply #15 on: December 04, 2013, 08:02:31 pm »
For some reason in my last post the word h.a.r.d.co.r.e got censored wtf?

If they installed a better spell system(Something based off of Diablo 2 or 1),
Installed a better item creation system(Something based off of wow/Diablo 2 combined or perhaps just diablo 2),
Installed a better item effect system(Base that entirely off of Diablo 2, it was awesome, no need to change it),
Installed a ha.rd.c.o.r.e mode once the servers were good(I died 5 times due to server disconnection, and that's because their servers went down). Or better yet made you disconnect straight away from the game should their servers fail, until their servers were reliable.
If they took their time with the last 2 acts it would have been better too. They had a good story line but, the last two acts seemed rushed. It looked like they were just trying to make some deadline and produced half ass ****. Which is total s.h.i.t. because it was released a year after they were supposed to have it made.
Their item market system was also trash, it got inflated sooo fast, the whole D3 economy broke within the first month.

I can go into detail about their item system, spell system if you like Chakra, what made them total trash, but those are the bits I found wrong. They did alright making it a hack and slash game, You can't just wander aimlessly around the world being random like you can on WoW. I wouldn't call it an MMORPG at all.


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Re: What kind of games do you play?
« Reply #16 on: December 04, 2013, 10:37:41 pm »
That's why I said it was an ugly cross.

How far did you get in D3? I beat Inferno during the first two months or w/e, then just stopped playing because it was insanely boring.

The item system is as close as you can get to an MMORPG without having raids. You have "unique" super items which work independently from each other. There was a "best" helm for each class, no matter the build you went. There was a best weapon, armor, etc. This might have changed as the meta game developed, but it would always be a poor contender to the classic item system.

It goes on and on. They completely mixed the genres and lost what made D2 unique.


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Re: What kind of games do you play?
« Reply #17 on: December 05, 2013, 03:11:22 am »
whats the difference between rpg and hack-n-slash?
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