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General Discussion / My Twitchtv dota 2
« on: January 08, 2014, 10:06:38 pm »
Hello sheeptaggers. Please support and watch me at I will be only streaming dota 2 and im a rly good player so you can learn a thing or two from my gameplay. Please press that follow button and i will also follow back :)

Note: I am new to streaming and will try to stream as much as possible


General Discussion / Re: Cele's Everything About Dota Thread.
« on: December 03, 2013, 08:22:07 am »

That's also a lot of crap Itio lol.. still a moron I see. I prefer to judge people on their gameplay not winrate anyway. As I did with Itio, a kid massively overrates himself because he can match pros and sometimes beat them in matchmaking. Maybe make a team and try beat them in an EIZO cup.. sit down.
koala lol, you need to stop hating on me and need to accept the fact that im a great player. anyways you wouldn't stand a chance against winning a pro player unless they're solo queueing and get 4 retards on their team. You showed like 12 links of getting matched with pro players and u won 1/12 of them ROFL

2) Also why is Void or Mortred never picked in pro games? It seems like these 2 are by far the heaviest carries and they both have escape mechanisms and mortred has his dagger so they shouldn't be too easy to shut down? Why do pros rather babysit some half-good carry like Alchemist throughout the game instead of one of these BEASTS? They also got some midgame potentional with a legendary ulti for void and atleast mortred can do sick dmg early on so it's not like they are useless for 40 min of the game.

voids just an ass hero overall. he would get raped against any aggro tri lane even with 2 supports supporting him. he's not like antimage where, when you lose the laning phase he could just farm his battlefury and get back into the game. Not to mention his chrono needs to be perfectly landed and can potentially kill teammates if caught in the chrono. Mortred is just a worse version of antimage i guess. I remember one game i was free farming with mortred and i still couldn't do jack **** with the hero. Like after my bkb was done i would just instantly die and it was a disaster 0.0 I even remember that game too, if i was any other carry like antimage the game would of been won for us. Antimage > mortred

How does one get into the pro-scene anyways? Surely playing pubs isn't going to get you in, no matter what your winrate is and how many pub games you win. I want to play pro, but I have 0 clue how to get into that scene. Should I start playing leagues like ixdl? What's the deal?
I think it's mostly on having connections and proving to others that you're a good player. if you're really serious about going pro then you should read eternalenvy's blog on his experience on becoming a pro player. it takes a **** load of dedication to go pro. Practice at least 8 hours a day watch replays constantly etc

General Discussion / Re: Cele's Everything About Dota Thread.
« on: December 02, 2013, 09:59:37 am »

Also I have a question for you guys, do you think that winrate reflects skill, or can winrate be increased by taking advantage of the system somehow? A solo queue player with 52% win can be just as good as someone with 65% win who generally only plays 5 mans or party, yes or no?
I only know 2 ways how people cheated or took advantage of the system in order to get a higher win rate:
-Party with a friend who is in low priority = you play against noobs and it's easy wins; the game still counts towards your stats
-Early abandonment. theres no consequence for early abandon. the game won't count, and you won't receive an abandon on your stats. This is commonly used to dodge stacks and pro players.

Anyways win rate is just based on how much you stack. However i've seen some people stack a lot with their friends and have low 50% win rates (koala). So when i say stack, i mean stacking with good players. so i'd say win rate doesn't entirely reflect your skill, but it still has a meaning. it's just a representation to give an idea of how good of a player you are. like you can't get a 60% win rate with 1.5k games like me if you're a bad player AND stack with good players because it'll match you against pros or players of equal skill level.

Im actually surprised ive maintained 60% win rate for quite a while now. The only good players i stack with are mostly divine/highsenberg...the rest of the ppl i party with are just sub par players. been facing a lot of stacks and pros too. Just recently beat 1437/Eternalenvy and merlini

also!! check out this new site called which tells you where your skill level is at compared to others. I have no clue how they determine the rating but apparently it's the new **** that everyones been talking about lol. Im top 3% rank = 1490

General Discussion / Re: Cele's Everything About Dota Thread.
« on: December 01, 2013, 08:56:18 pm »

1) how should i draft heroes in CM mode? assuming i don't know anything about drafting, what would you tell me to improve my drafting?
I'm not really an expert at drafting but i can give my 2 cents on it from watching how pro teams draft and my experience from playing leagues. First off, if it is a low skilled game, it is best to pick heroes that your team is most comfortable playing with (it is most likely that they won't be able to play heroes that are in the meta game because they probably suck) then i'd just pick a solo mid for myself and just carry the game alone. If it is very high skilled game, then you should pick heroes that sync well together in the late game, are viable early game and heroes that can DO ****. Examples of this would be magnus/gyro, magnus/lich, tide/lich (aoe wins games from my experience). Also i think junglers suck ass now except like ehcnatress/chen/enigma/cm. Drafting furion to jungle would be considered bad because an aggro tri lane would just counter it. Pick a defensive tri lane if you want your carry to free farm. PIck an offensive tri lane if you want to prevent your opponent's carry's farm or just simply **** and kill ****. Remember when you tri lane you're losing experience so your supports better be doing **** (zoning out, getting kills, pulling, etc) Otherwise the tri lane is lost and is ineffective. That's pretty much all i can say i guess, lol

I got a question for you cele: Why do pros go midas on support heroes? Why hasn't this been done before and why was it recently implemented in the meta game?

Other / Re: !SWEDEN!!!!
« on: November 16, 2013, 01:31:18 am »
ROFL tollisons from texas one of the fattest states in america and im p sure hes overweight himself. Have you seen his pics? tollison = ugly/fat the worst combination for a human being, ever

« on: November 03, 2013, 08:24:56 am »
i dont even play st anymore but im glad shoop got knocked the **** out like the tool that he is


Community Discussion / Re: Sheep Tag: A Show of Geeks
« on: October 07, 2013, 11:44:27 pm »
not gonna lie, that was some pretty good runtag material i feel nostalgic as **** now after watching this lmao

Community Discussion / Re: Guides
« on: October 04, 2013, 07:12:00 pm »
Great guide!  It was helpful to me because i forgot how to mapgrid :P keep up the good work!

General Discussion / Re: RiddleZ!
« on: September 28, 2013, 02:37:02 am »
If did I would peel it and share it with the birds.

General Discussion / Re: Dota 2 - Credentialist G33k Itiot
« on: September 26, 2013, 06:42:47 pm »
ROFL only one out of all of those games have u won against a pro player that just shows how awful you are christ...  Valve designed their matchmaking so that everyone's win rate gets as close to 50% win rate as possible. To do this, they usually put shitty players with really good ones so that the good players can lose. For example: Here you are placed with ig.chaun and of course ur just that awful to lose with a ti2 winner. 

Most of my games played are solo queue on SEA and EU West. You play on US East honestly one of the worst servers I've ever played on Merlini, Fear and Demon are good but yeah.. most normal kids in the very high bracket I've played with on that server are terrible.
the people you play with on that server are terrible because ur terrible so matchmaking puts u with terrible players. 1+1=2
Anyways US east is a lot harder server than EU west. Ur retarded if u think otherwise. top rankings of dotabuff are mostly players that play on the european server. Europe server is easy as hell so it's a lot easier to get better win rate by stacking, playing imba heroes, etc vs if you were to do this on US east

Your mentality is bad and you should feel bad. I understand why you feel that way Dota 2 doesn't have a visible ELO rating system, so you have to find other ways to e-peen. Oh here is a guy that's played 2k games and has a 52% winrate and he isn't even in the "very high" bracket (I am). Whereas I've played 1.1k games and have 60% winrate and am in the very high bracket. ROFL A DONKEY! I'm not your measuring stick you freak. I've seen you play itio you're not good and yeah stop talking trash. Matching pros in ladder doesn't make you good it's not hard to be in the highest bracket if you play enough games and are lucky to get decent allies or stack your way to the top.

i am 100% sure that my bracket is alot higher than urs which is quite sad because i have half the amoutn of games you have.
My winrate is 52.40% Record
1,188 - 1,079
Your winrate is 60.23%
689 - 455
ok cool? are we comparing stats now? ty for distinguishing that my stats > yours and that im about 5 times your skill Dumabss

General Discussion / Re: League of Legends Vs. Dota 2
« on: September 25, 2013, 08:01:25 pm »
ROFL ITIO??? Your skill bracket is higher than mine? I've seen the people you match... I just never play on my own anymore but I've been in very high for ages. Not that means anything you still get trash and idiots on your team. But yeah I'm pretty sure Valve is working out something soon because they've just taken away the Normal, High and Very High.
i already explained how i know im in the highest skill bracket lol. im frequently on the top page with a lot of spectators, which i highly doubt u ever were

General Discussion / Re: League of Legends Vs. Dota 2
« on: September 25, 2013, 02:15:36 am »
I was looking into playing dota 2. Till I realized there is no ranking system. And no way to see other players stats etc. All you do is play the game and more games you play the higher your level gets. So in reality you could be level 130 but still suck ass at dota 2. Its like Halo 4 the more you play the higher your "rank" your skill means nothing just how much you play. In league you are given a rank and work your way up through a series of divisions/leagues which imo is much more fun and creates a much more competitive environment. It disgusts me how your W/L in league is hidden, and I hear its the same way in Dota 2? But good thing theres stat sites to go around these "lets treat everyone equal" bull****.
Level in dota 2 doesn't determine what ranking/skill bracket you are in. if anything, level doesn't mean anything at all in dota 2. Brackets are organized by normal, high and very high which can be found on ur dotabuff or w/e

anyways im in the highest bracket of dota 2 and i can tell b/c i face 5 man stacks when solo queueing, im usually on the front page w/ a lot of spectators and i get matched w/ pro players. My level is only 91 which is a lot lower than people like ko[a]la who has 2k+ games played (more than twice the amoutn of games i have) and his skill bracket is a lot lower than mine.

how are you even defending that LoL is a better game than dota 2? how disgusting.

Community Discussion / Re: The Biggest Troll
« on: September 12, 2013, 02:58:08 am »
man i remember when tollison would rage at me for my past flames/Spam those were the he is a complete ****

General Discussion / Re: League of Legends Vs. Dota 2
« on: September 12, 2013, 02:52:10 am »

if these are your stats, then idk what u were trying to show off; they look fuckin horrible

General Discussion / Re: Sixpack Duel Deluxe
« on: August 09, 2013, 07:08:55 pm »
Tollison. You have better chances at the cheese burger deluxe u fat **** ROFL

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