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Community Discussion / Re: Sidey's BULLDOG Tournament: SIGN UP
« on: August 01, 2013, 03:23:14 am »
:( I will probably be Internetless this weekend b.c of move.  I could sign up and see if I got Internets, but can't promise : (

I love idea of weekly tournies and bd especially ofc.  But there are two major problems I see with this.

1. 12 Players, BD score becomes really random after you get more than 5 people.  With 12 ppl, well I've played some pub games where the pubs ended up having the high score for a while, just because they had good luck in getting carried ^^
Also what's worse, current map really doesn't have any maps designed for big groups.  There might be  only a couple maps that could do 6v4, and idk about 7v5.  No real solutions to this though if you want lots of ppl to join, except maybe multiple games going and playoffs.

2. Biggest issue though is host.  Everyone gets 1 sec delay in other realms hosting, and it looks like roughly half the players going to be from each realm.  Seems like no-brainer to me if you want fairer game, why not do like 20 rounds in top euro hosting, then 20 rounds in east host?

Also wuts timer and gold settings?

Community Discussion / Re: Explanation: Why we need a new forum
« on: August 01, 2013, 03:14:04 am »
yeeee!!!! New foarumz ! No more Hitler shoopS!  I fully endorse new sideyforums ofc.  Don't let ANYONE be admin/moderator, besides over like technical stuff maybe.  "We need people to clean up off topic posts" = GARBAGE line enabling people to hitler topics on their own discretion (i.e. when they disagree).  Community is small and full of turkbrains, you delete turkposts and you got almost no posts left.

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