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Drew and sidey disagree on the most tense match, will there be a debates?

Second round of matches: the "all-star" arena

Versus 1:
Team 1, grim.shadow, drewisfat, chiefhero[sks], exalius, nightmare[behh]

Team 2, thdraperyfalls, magoo, shoop, traxxwolf, candymankiller

Versus 2:
Team 1, celestial_one, candymankiller, chiefhero[sks], magoo, chakra

Team 2, cowardlyshoe, drewisfat, thdraperyfalls, exalius, shoop
Some toilet theories? They wouldn't play well with each other...there would be a battle for power... better flow....SHADDAP! Legends flamed each other since day 1, it doesn't affect their game play (this only happens to tier 2s and below e.g., Hawkys, Polar, Elencia, and possibly Cow).

Versus match 6:
Team 1, Magoo, drewisfat, Zo0Lander, Celestial_one, Cowardlyshoe

Team 2, Thedraperyfalls, Chiefhero[sks], Shoop, Exalius, Nightmare[behh]

This is probably the most interesting. First two of each cancel each other out, Shoop and Celestial cancel each other out, and then I'd probably go with Exalius and Nightmare over Zoolander and Cow. Exa without his maphack would lessen the edge slightly though.
While yes, Chaise died in 30 seconds in his peak, that doesn't mean his peak would always die that way. His peak could have a 1/50 chance of that happening, and simply got unlucky. Therefor better to assume he wouldn't pull a 30 second while still possible. Chakra got isolated in STWC09 tons of times but he didn't die. Same 30 seconds is possible for hawkys, especially since his peak is much less than chaise.

My argument is that celestial / rogue / beer / BW would have a much better overall flow to their games, and would coordinate much more than team 1. While yes, team 1 has a superior pool of skill, no one of those players is invincible on their own in a large game. Its very likely they could create there own opportunities to not die early on, and that could win them the match. However team 2 could have much better teamwork, and teamwork in a versus match could end up being a lot more important, depending on isolations / bridge scenarios that could occur. While I will admit I quite obviously have much less known about battlewarriors ability, he was semi famous for good survival on his own - and its possible his allies could do enough to help him out, or they could fail. It goes both ways on this match up, and I think its closer than you think.
I think team 2 would win that match BEER. Sidey / Traxx / Amir / CMK I would all consider "tier 1 players" at there peak. Polar is easily  all time tier 1.5. Team 1 has drew cow and magoo, but its questionable, especially for me, how good masu and elencia were at their respective peaks.
These would be some fun matches to watch. Here's hoping we get to see them in ST2 :D

Also, bonus 7th match because Nmcdo didn't give me a fat cmk vs drew matchup.

Versus match 7:
Team 1: Drew, Cow, Magoo, Masu, Elencia
Team 2: CMK, Amir, Polar, Sidey, Traxx
I would bet that Sidey, Amir, Chakra and Cookie could win that game 4v5. Each of them is better than anyone on the 2nd team, with the possible exception of Cookie. However Cookie is very good at building a lot of farms and not dying, which is all he has to do here for his team to be invulnerable. They may have some difficulty wolfing, but I could see them lasting the full 20 minutes quite frequently. Hawkys puts them over the top, and acts like an insurance policy. That team could make a major f*ckup and still win.

BW is kinda overrated, especially in consideration for a long team massing game. Also Chaise died in 30 seconds while he was at his peak. So I feel like you're redefining "peak" to mean doesn't make any mistakes.

Chakra really is beautiful. Like all westies he's underrated for being modest and for not playing a lot of revo, but at his peak (which came quite late) it would be hard to distinguish him from the best player.
Community Discussion / Re: Sheep Tag (East) A Complete History
« Last post by XXXandBEER on July 25, 2017, 03:27:03 am »
Don't pull an R. R. Martin keep the chapters flowing!
It is theoretical peaks of there career hawks. Chaise doesn't die the moment wolves spawn. Beer could hold his own, he was on a STWC 2008 team that won I believe as well to his credit. Team 2 wins due to the reasons I stated.
I think you guys are too quick to judge my match. Sidey and amir are top legends, chakra is very good as well. My prediction is it would be an upset round with chaise and beer dying early. Victory for team hawkys.
My votes are as stated:

2, 2, 1, 1, 2, 1

Here is my explanation for why I chose each winning teams

Versus 1: team 2 has combinations of drew/magoo with experience teaming together, cmk at his prime is a large addition, and mappy and srborja can hold there own. Team 1 however has some good talent, I don't see exalius and shoop working well together, or traxx and shoop for that matter. I think there would be disagreements, and the lack of coordination on the sheep game play would cause someone to die early and lead to a chain of deaths. Team 2 wins.

Versus 2: this match up seems like team 1 has higher overall skills, but also a wide cast of characters. Team 2 seems like it would have more synergy with battle warrior and celestial and rogue having played together for years. Guys like hawkys and Chakra would disagree with sidey/amir. Team 2 wins.

Versus 3: neither team has a lot more skill that the other, however I tend to view the players on team 1 to be much more similar in playstyles  (grim, cmk, cow) than team 2. Team 1 wins.

Versus 4: this is a strange match up,  with both sides having full arrangements of players with different styles. Team 1 looks to have a stable group however, and also a slightly higher skill level. Team 1 wins.

Versus 5: team 1 has great synergy, but the players on team 2 stack up ridiculously higher on individual skills, team 1 has no star player to lead them, team 2 has ample talent. Team 2 wins.

Versus 6: from my opinion , the skill levels are almost even. However, I see a struggle of leadership on team 2, compared to 1 likely putting drew at the helm there. Team 1 wins due to better coordination on critical isolations.
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