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Author Topic: Sheep Tag Rivals on Starcraft II  (Read 1657 times)


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Re: Sheep Tag Rivals on Starcraft II
« Reply #15 on: December 16, 2015, 07:16:24 pm »
I knew turn rate could be adjusted, but yeah, I was assuming build and attack were defaults like they are in wc3.

Maybe instead of forcing a swap, you could disable joining the sheep/wolf team if they had more than X players, so the last few people to select a team might not be able to choose sheep, or at least have some sort of cancel command for the first 10-15 seconds... spending an entire round with only one wolf is pretty miserable.

Sheep 1 hit killing farms really only matters for other people's farms, I can just D/esc my own.

Anyways, seems like we are in agreement on/you're aware of most things, thanks for the response. Looking forward to the engine update.


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