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Title: Official Sheep Tag on Hive Workshop
Post by: StoPCampinGn00b on March 07, 2018, 06:05:58 am
Hey guys, I'm super glad to see the Sheep Tag community still kicking. I remember stuff like clan Behh and ST having tournaments :D

Anyway, I'm StoPCampinGn00b, Community Manager of WC3 Forum and an admin of a discord called Warcraft 3 United with nearly 1500 members. The Hive has been a wc3 modding site that's been around since 2004 and we even have contact Blizzard. But I'm here because we don't have any new-ish or official version of sheep tag! All the ones we have approved are from a decade ago haha. I'm also helping create a montage video of WC3 maps and I'd like to have it linked to an official map page in our credits.

I ask if Chakra could upload the map to our site or if we can upload it under a "Various Authors" tag. I'll check back here every few days, but if I forget, you can contact me here

Cheers taggers!
Title: Re: Official Sheep Tag on Hive Workshop
Post by: Nmcdo on March 12, 2018, 04:26:49 pm
Hi! Nice to see someone connecting with out community from the overall base community of WC3! We love to get that kind of exposure as well for our game and community.

The most used map that is basically official is version Sheep Tag Revolution 7.7.4, by XXXandBEER who can be found on our discord. There are other potential maps we switch to in the future, but currently the majority wants and plays this map.

If you're looking for cool clips of SHEEP TAG, there are several moments from YouTube videos you could use I could show. How long could the clip be matters though, as the moments usually last more than a really small clip of 10-20 seconds. So depending on that or not could change what you could use. A problem with sheep tag I find is a lot of people don't understand why a particular performance is impressive, etc. But their are also clips that give you the intuitive sense they were awesome.