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Title: Most ICONIC Sheep Tag Shows
Post by: Nmcdo on June 11, 2018, 06:27:02 pm
The most iconic sheep tag shows over the years by every player!

Enstek: &time=1 minute 55 seconds

Traxxwolf: &time=5 minute 25 seconds


RoguexRanger: &time=1 minute 44 seconds


Trollpro: &time=5 minute 7 seconds

Nmcdo: &time=4 minutes 46 seconds


Nightmare[behh]: (My personal favourite material scene of all time) &time=9 minutes 24 seconds

Master[sth]: &time=3 minutes 35 seconds

Spoofy: &time=4 minutes 6 seconds

008: &time=4 minutes 55 seconds

A_Polar[behh]: &time=9 minutes 34 seconds

Shoop: &time=7 minutes 18 seconds


ZAK: &time=6 minutes 50 seconds

XXXandBEER: &time=1 minute 16 seconds

De[mo]n / TheHolyGopher: