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Community Discussion / YOoooo
« on: February 04, 2020, 04:05:05 pm »
what's the deal with wc3 reforged... I seen some popular streamers playing some 12v6 sheep tag games!!

anyone playing?

any community built yet?

might come back to get some nostalgia kicks

General Discussion / hey guys!
« on: January 01, 2020, 01:08:18 am »
Trying to get back into bnet would love a set of cdkeys to play with. I'd be on regularly. Hope to play some sheep tag haha.

Happy New Years everyone.

General Discussion / Diablo II cdkeys? also a WCIII?
« on: April 04, 2018, 04:48:31 am »
my wc3 cdkey got banned due to stealthbotting, and I need a spare diablo II cdkey if anyone can spare it

Other / Re: Sheep Tag theoretical versus matches: who do you think wins?
« on: October 04, 2017, 11:20:57 am »
In my match I'd be pissed as **** it's rigged as hell lmao!

You can hype us up if you want but yeah... we'd get rekt 9/10 with that lineup.

IDRC about any other ones without my name soz

General Discussion / There was some old thread about internet speed
« on: May 06, 2015, 10:58:19 pm »
Funny I wonder what the improvements are compared to what they used to be (I used to think my 12/3 was good lol)


still feels crappy at times... pretty satisfied with xfinity.. for the most part ;)

« on: April 07, 2014, 11:56:28 pm »
lol :D exa revealed he had mh in more than one screenshot? I remember he also posted one in ST on a replay for some trollpro comment ^^

General Discussion / Cele's Everything About Dota Thread.
« on: November 30, 2013, 01:59:56 am »
Being one of the best dota players in the community I'm offering free advice on anything! Yee ^^ it's time for a thread like this since a large population of sheeptaggers also play dota on a daily basis.

Also, this thread is used for talking about pro team games... tomorrow is LGD.cn vs iG and na'vi vs alliance.

I'm placing 4 rares on LGD.cn on dota2lounge.com to win the series... potentially win 4 rares. Kind of a risky bet, but china has been playing so solid since the patch... mainly drafting.

Also, na'vi vs alliance! 2 MONSTER TEAMS of dota, perhaps only bested currently by DK!??! I'm not going to bet any rares on this match as it could easily go either way and both teams are huge inconsistent atm. Na'vi went 0-3 in their matchs today, but alliance also playing pretty miserably lately. Keep your rares on this one, and just enjoy the show ^^

PS: Also feel free to post replays and such! I know I'm not THE BEST player, but I'm pretty good at looking at games objectively to settle arguments and ****. Post up!

General Discussion / Tollison I hate to do this...
« on: August 29, 2013, 05:47:56 am »
You are a good person. You are usually funny and charismatic, but lately I don't think this at all. Maybe you started taking Adderall or something. Maybe you smoke too much pot before you post on forums, but it's time for me to point out how moronic you sound to the rest of us. I love you, but I hate to do this, but you HAVE to stop posting nonsense.

If everyone within their own continent protected and used their resources at hand you would see a tremendous exploration in science that would revolutionize the world due to accessibility to worldwide news for every developed country. 

If EVERYONE in their own continent. K, off to a bad start. Why everyone? What are they protecting exactly (what resources??)? None of this is clear.
Used their resources at hand. What continent (you mean country, maybe? not many continents are unified...) doesn't use their resources?
You would see a tremendous exploration in science due to accessibility to worldwide news for every developed country. Okay woow. What does this have to do with protecting your country? What does this have to do with a country's resources? How does scientific advances help give accessibility to news and social media?

I could make a whole post just bashing that one poorly thought out sentence, but I'm going to move on.

Illegal migration to a country is not acceptable because of assimilation purely.  It takes time to adapt as one culture and to become prosperous people of society.

What does someone coming illegally to a country have to do with someone's ability to adapt to another's culture and society? What..?
Aside from the next sentence's horrible grammatical structure, it kind of makes sense. Obviously it takes time to become successful and assimilate. What is your point though? What is the purpose of this point? Isn't that obvious?

Legal migration is great for a secular society to take place, but I believe that before you move elsewhere you must adapt to their culture first.

How can you adapt to someone else's culture before you move there? Herp derp.

Americans like one arms distance between each other.  Arabians like to be close together.  I've seen the difference in culture with my own eyes, real life, and not from just videos and pictures.  Both of them must adapt to each others culture before associating with each other so they have a solid understanding of each other.

What does this have to do with immigration? Why can't an American immigrate to Arabia on a whim? Why MUST Americans adapt to the culture before associating with Arabs? Doesn't understanding come, in part, through experience? How can you understand someone else if you don't first spend time with them? Your logic is so faulty... it's all so backwards.

My point is with immigration: It's good for society, but only if there can be no possible illegal immigration.  USA has the ability to defend it's borders 100% from foreign attacks and illegal immigration.  USA has the most efficient and advanced military you can have on this planet.

For starters, why do you think immigration is good for society, but only if it's not illegal? If immigration is good, then why shouldn't it be free? What does USA's efficient and advanced military have to do with immigration? How are defending borders from foreign attacks (where else would they come from? USA? lol) relevant to immigration at all?

Most adults in the USA are politically unaware and therefore don't comprehend what makes a society prosper.  USA just does things because it can now and it's a horrendous site to see.  USA should be exposed for many war crimes against humanity as many others should be as well, but this is beside the my point.

What do adults in USA being politically unaware and not understanding what makes a society prosper have to do with whether immigration is good or bad? What does USA doing "just doing things" that are "horrendous sites" have anything to do with the discussion? More garbage.

Until we all as a human race have a foundation that we can base our beliefs upon we will forever be in war with each other.  Morality is a broader issue to discuss, but I believe a prosperous moral standpoint is the basis to all that prosperity, and I believe that is what we should be talking about rather than immigration.

"Let's all hold hands and sing kumbaya and that will solve all problems". What are you even talking about? What does a "prosperous moral standpoint" being the "basis to all that (what is "that") prosperity" have to do with anything in that thread? Are you trying to ruin shoop's thread? "Guys stop talking about immigration ffs! We need to discuss morality! That's way more important and stuffs!" lol.

Many people, 100x more knowledgeable than you and I, believe that morality is the key issue in modern society that needs to be addressed.  Everything else is just fuel to fire.

Like who? And isn't immigration a key issue in modern society that needs to be addressed to? What is fuel to the fire, talking about immigration? WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING TOLLI AND WHERE CAN I GET SOME?


How does existing archaic massive competing clans for a decade, which are symbols of quantity, compare to my, stick to your clan and others will come, which is a symbol of quality?

Lol. Tollison, if a clan has been around for a decade and has a lot of members that are still in it then isn't that the essence of a qualitative and quantitative clan? Or maybe you're measuring the quality of a clan by something other than how long members have been active, number of loyal members, and the age of the clan. Could you explain this perhaps?

Sheep tag isn't as alive as it has been because of the lack of newcomers as it always has been.  WC3 is off the shelves now.  I still manage however to find people that don't know what they want to play.  You can tell cause theyll be so noob at the game its almost as if he was a noob to WC.  I'm talking about the other public games I play.

Look at the first and second sentence in that paragraph of mumbo-jumbo. (also more bad grammar makes it hard to read... maybe even worse than 2nd language euros)

Now look at this.

WC3 isn't dead because it's obviously alive and well.  If you'd read what I said you'd understand why those communities died off.

It's not dead by your standards perhaps, but even chakra said that it's at 10% activity of what it was when he started recording population (that's 1/10 the prospective players around, and we can probably assume most of the kids still around are already in their own communities and are older players probably not interested in new games).

Aaand look at this.

You didn't have active clan meetings to bring about new STers.  You just cared about your own enjoyment.  I'm not saying you're not allowed to enjoy your own free time, but you're not allowed to argue against me because you don't have the experience of you and your clan trying to raise the amount of players in an effective way.

We didn't have active clan meetings? Were you a part of StH, tolli? Of course we did. Other clans did too. Also why isn't chakra, shoop or myself allowed to argue against you because of blablabla. By the way, we did blablabla already. We played thousands of pub sheep tag games over the past few years trying to get new players to join. It's just hard to recruit people because most aren't interested, and since it's a very unusual game and there is probably 1/50th of the amount of people there was in sheep tag's golden years it should be OBVIOUS that recruiting the way we did years ago isn't going to be as effective. It's not even worth it to play 50 public sheep tag games to "maybe" get a couple bad players who will probably quit. Maybe that's worth your time, but it's not worth mine. Maybe eight years ago, but not today. I got better stuff to do.

Saying ignorant **** like "you guys didn't try to make sheep tag active" or "you weren't doing it right!!" is just frustrating. What about you? What have you done in the past five years to help sheep tag? This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Now don't get me wrong. I don't want you to stop posting. I don't think sidey should delete your posts. I also don't hate you or anything like that. It's just you've sounded really, really stupid lately, and you are puffing yourself up to be a pompous know-it-all. You're not a know-it-all. You're really not that smart, and most of what you have said is incredibly boring. Change your attitude and stop with the "everyone is wrong mannn you guys just don't get me mannn nobody understand what I understand mannn", because that's what it sounds and looks like to everyone else.

General Discussion / ANIME PARTY!!! YEEE
« on: July 31, 2013, 02:40:17 am »
Alright folks that's right it's time for an anime thread. Anyone who has seen any animes feel free to post them even if they're repeated, and post which was your favorite. Post your favorite animes with ratings and conclusion. No spoilers please.  I'm always looking for good animes so PLEASE post if you have a good suggestion!! I'm also mainly posting this for myself so I can remember all the animes I've seen... I'm sure to remember some more I forgot about.

Bleach - shinigami killing eachother and "hollows" 8/10

Fate/Zero - contestents fight for the holy grail using magic, guns, and every trick in the book! Nasty good watch: 8.5/10

No.6 - A boy's love anime... if you don't like boy x boy then you probably won't like this. Lots of action, main characters are insanely kawaii. They even kiss once. ^^ 7.5/10

Naruto - ninjas killing eachother with the tailed beasts 8/10

Naruto Shippuden - same as naruto 7/10

One Piece - Pirates set sail for the mysterious "one piece" treasure left behind by the greatest pirate alive. 9.5/10

Soul Eater - Witchs, weapons, fight scenes. Pretty freakin sweet anime. 8.5/10

Hunter X Hunter - An organisation with incredible influence "hunters association" hire hunters to do jobs which include assassinations, saving countries.  9.5/10

Darker Than Black - Government cover up, people with abilities that must fulfill their "contract" (a sacrifice that must be made to use their powers). Lots of kool stuff. 9/10

Black Butler - A boy with a demon butler. 9/10

YuYu Hakusho - A boy dies and then gets a second chance to save to come to life but he must become a spirit detective... basically be God's **** and do a bunch of work for him. Lot's of fighting. Lot's of great humor. Loved the series. 8.5/10

Dragon Ball Z - Super sayain. Power level over 9000 etc. Was an epic anime when I was a kid. The series isn't all that great though. Not much cleverness or thought put into the plot, mostly just fights. 6/10

Highschool of the Dead - Boobs boobs and more boobs. And zombies too. 9/10

Hagane no renkinjutsushi aka Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood- Alchemists fighting "homunculi" fake humans with abilities. Tons of plot twists. Amazing fights. Best series I've ever seen. 10/10

Deadman Wonderland - A boy watches his classmates get slaughtered before his eyes, and gets spared after having a strange red stone shoved into his chest. He then gets accused and sentenced to "death row". Blood powers? Check. Boobs? Check. Hotties? Check. 9.5/10

Eden of East -  A strange anime which involves a boy starting with this high tech phone, naked in Washington DC without his memories. Turns out he's part of a competition where you're given a TON of money, people kill eachother for their phones, which hold all the money. Amazing series. 9.5/10

Loveless - A young man protects a boy with strange abilities. Lots of wordplay and humor. 9/10 (implied shounen-ai)

Full Metal Alchemist (non-canon) - Similar to hagane no renkinjutsushi, same universe, same characters, different plot. 9/10

Uragiri wo Boku wa namae o ****teiru- Humans part of the Giou clan must save the world from darkness and a mysterious necromancer. 9/10

Death Note - A highschool boy recieves a notebook where you write down the name of someone and cause of death and it happens. Among best series of all time. Highly recommend for people new to anime, or looking to get into it. 10/10

Gravitation - A singer falls in love with a love novelist. Shounen-ai. 8/10

Attack On Titan - Humans are forced to live inside massive walls in order to survive the onslaught of the strange, massive giants that prey on humans and eat them for fun. 8.5/10

Lelouch and the Rebellion (Code Geass) - Government cover ups, special power of manipulation. Serious twists and amazing plot. 9.5/10

FLCL - How do I? Wtf. The writers made this while drunk and it ended up ****ing awesome. They were testing different styles of animation. 9/10

Hellsing - Vampire slayer with the lead vampire slayer being "alucard" (eheh) 9/10. Old series.

Cowboy Bebop - If you don't know what this is what is wrong with you. Mecca anime which is boss as ****. 9/10

Samurai Shamploo - 3 adventurers (2 swordsman and 1 woman) set out to find the mysterious "sunflower samurai". Some of the best fight scenes ever made. 9.5/10

Afro Samurai - 1 Samurai claims the #2 best samurai in the world, and gets the headband for #2 (making him the target for all samurai around the world). In order to be #1, you must get #2 headband and then you can challenge #1. Voiced by Samuel Jackson. ****ing awesome. Blood, gore, boobs, fights. Everything a good anime needs 10/10

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